Academic Projects

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The projects on this page are currently what I did for my 'A' levels (Chemistry, French, Maths, and Physics). In case you are unfamiliar with the British Education System, 'A' levels are what many 16-18 year old students take after compulsory education. (For more details, try my old school's home page). Naturally I don't promote the idea that you copy my projects straight off, but please feel free to use them as research material!

When I start having to do written work for my Physics Degree, it will also be available here.

I write all my projects in HTML. For my graphics I used either JPEGs, GIFs, or PNGs. My spreadsheet application was Quattro Pro 6.1 (extension .wb2), and my DTP package of choice was PagePlus 5.0 (extension .ppp). However, I am now turning to gnuplot for my graphs, and have stopped doing DTP work (I don't need DTP anymore: all my work is online, meaning I hardly ever need to print posters and leaflets anymore).

If there are are problems, e-mail me. I'm no psychic. I can't guess! Note: The links are not colour coded in these projects.

Many of the crib sheets are incomplete. This is because I used them as scratch books to revise with, and did not need to ever submit the work. If you wish to use them, be aware that you will need to finish them first! And if you do, please send me the completed version!


Projects marked [HTML4] rely on support for cutting edge technology :-) developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, namely HTML4 and CSS2. This means non-compliant browsers (including all versions of Netscape and Opera) will not display them properly. Furthermore, since IE4 doesn't (correctly) support the full "HTML Named entities for symbols, mathematical symbols, and Greek letters" found in the HTML4 Recommendation I do not use named entities for greek symbols like &theta;. For these I use <SPAN CLASS=GREEK>q</SPAN>, and have defined [class~="GREEK"] as having {font-family: "Symbol", "Greek"} in my style sheet. This forces the Latin letters to be mapped (in Windows) to the greek characters. What IE4 should do with fonts which do not support the full UNICODE character set is map any unsupported characters to a font which does, eg "Symbol". It doesn't. This is why while I do use entities like &plusmn; and &divide;, I don't use &theta;.

Projects marked [CWRK] have been (or soon will be) submitted, and are pieces of coursework which will count towards my final certification.


I followed the course set out in the "NUFFIELD ADVANCED SCIENCE CHEMISTRY STUDENTS BOOK" (3rd Edition).

  1. Halogens Crib Sheet
  2. My first assessed practical, the Zinc/Acid Rates of Reactions investigation. There is no seperate comments sheet for this project, to view my comments merely look at the source code for the file (I have plenty of <!-- -->s). [HTML4] [CWRK]
  3. Organics Crib Sheet. This is nowhere near complete. If anyone would like to do it for me, feel free! I no longer need it, but other people might. [HTML4]


The first three were practice essays. The last four are my actual final submitted exam pieces (when I say the last four, I am referring to the last two pages, which both contain two essays a piece). I am very unlikely to produce any more french work, since I have now finished my french 'A' level, and do not intend to follow any further french courses.

  1. My first major essay, La Politique Française. You can also take a look at my comments.
  2. My second essay is based on the following question: Examinez l'importance de la situation et le relief de la région que vous avez étudiée pour sa prosperité. My region of choice is La Suisse Romande. Links for more information will be available in the comments section.
  3. Culture in Geneva: my third essay. Once again, comments are available.
  4. Pagnol Essays: Two essays related to the books Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources by Marcel Pagnol. [HTML4] [CWRK]
  5. Region Essays: Two essays related to Geneva, Switzerland. [HTML4] [CWRK]


'A' Level

  1. My Metre Bridge Experiment's write-up. [CWRK]
  2. My Lees' Disc's write-up. [CWRK]
  3. Radioactivity Crib Sheet (needs some more work) [HTML4]
  4. Electromagentic Spectrum Crib Sheet (needs some more work) [HTML4]
  5. Laser Experiment [HTML4] [CWRK]
  6. Rate of Flow Experiment (using poiseuille's formula) [HTML4] [CWRK]
  7. Absorption of Gamma Rays in Lead (short) [HTML4]
  8. The Eye (needs some more work) [HTML4]
  9. Focal Length [HTML4] [CWRK]

Note. An essay on torsional pendulums was removed to save disk space. If you need it do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Degree Level

Lab Sessions

  1. Lab Sessions Notes (mainly year 1)
  2. Related data files (mainly PSpice data)

Year 1

  1. Discharging a Capacitor through a Filament Lamp [HTML4] [CWRK]
  2. Serial Data Interface [HTML4] [CWRK]
  3. Springs [HTML4] [CWRK]
  4. Ultrasound Essay [HTML4] [CWRK]

Year 2

Here are the projects that I have did in year two:

  1. Diodes (Electronics Report) [HTML4] [CWRK]
  2. Radar (Lab Group Project) [HTML4] [CWRK]
  3. The Super Proton Synchrotron (Essay) [HTML4] [CWRK]
  4. Files for my C programming course [HTML4] [CWRK]
  5. CRO Beam Splitter [HTML4] [CWRK]
  6. Heat Flow [HTML4] [CWRK]

Many of the "HTML4-only" pages render reasonably well on older browsers too, but some errors may show (for example, greek letters not showing).

The marks ([HTML4] and [CWRK]) are not-a-gifs (tm). Thanks to Sue Sims for inventing the term.